Absoution Update

I’m about one third through ABSOLUTION. It’s the hardest story I’ve written to date. I’m juggling so many characters and they all need resolution. The final ideas are in my head but MAN it’s challenging to coordinate!

Being a mother of 6 children definitely adds to my ability to accomplish this. Out of necessity I’m a great multi-tasker. However, being the mother of 6 children also means my writing time is not what it used to be – at least not while summer is here.

Kids are back in school now, and I intend to finish AB by the end of the year.

Then, PENITENCE will be released, ABSOLUTION will go into pre-production and I will take a looooooooong trip somewhere!

LOL. As if.


2 Responses to Absoution Update

  1. sassy bearcat says:

    o my gosh i cant wait!!!! i need to find out what happens or i’ll go insane!!!!!!…and is the guy in the preview the guy on the cover of the book?..

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